• DIY Herringbone Art

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014 0

    My living room has been an evolving project. It started with the Kara¬†couch and accent chair in gray. I decided on teal and orange decor and pillows finish off the color scheme. I wanted to add in a mixture of metallic accents to give it ‘hotel luxury’ look. I am still missing a side table and lighting, but this DIY herringbone art made my living room one step closer to finished. Here’s how I made it:

    1. Choose the right size canvas for your space. (and make sure it fits in your car!) The first one I bought definitely didn’t, but I’m happy with this size (48×36).
    2. Start with a base color – I used a light warm-toned gray.
    3. Paint any design and cover the entire canvas. Don’t be too perfect with it – overlap colors and leave shapes irregular.
    4. Once it dries, use painters tape to cover the parts of painting you want to preserve. I chose a herringbone pattern.
    5. Do two coats of white paint on top of the tape.
    6. Peel off the tape, and your masterpiece will be revealed!

    If this projects inspires you to make your own art, share it with me in the comments!